CSB Bearings France based in Normandie region, was created in October 2007.

The vocation of CSB Bearing France is to exclusively promote the products of the company CSB (CSB Bearing Technologie Co.,Ltd) in France.

Philippe Mouclier CSB Bearings France
Certification Tuv

Our advantages

Aware to be of one of actors of your competitiveness, CSB Bearings France chose to be the partnership of CSB in China, the N°1 in Asia and specialist of sliding self-lubricating bearings.

CSB Bearings France was establish in 2007 has the vocation to exclusively promote in France and a part of Europe the products o CSB China.

Its Manager Philippe MOUCLIER specialist of bearings since more than 35 years, by his high knowledge in this segment, allow to target the nenquiries of industrial including yours.

Today, our team reinforcing by logistician and commercial agent insure even more your performance.

All this benefits does of us a competitive specialist of sliding bearings.

More 30 years of development

CSB Bearing Technologies with its unit of 120 000 m² is specialist in the fabrication of self-lubricating sliding bearings.

Its production force is more of 750 employees.

Since 1995, the company devotes itself for the research new materials of sliding bearings, for the development of its products and process of production to satisfy at the enquiries of its customer.

Our self-lubricating sliding bearings cover a large range of applications from printers to construction machinery and automotive…

With its vast knowledge, CSB Bearings France has the capacity to

  • Work in synergy with your technical department to carry out studies to define the best bearings for your applications
  • Test or supply standard or specific self-lubricating sliding bearings to validate their performance following your requirements
  • Offer very competitive prices according to your rate of production
  • Ensure sufficient stock in France, as well as technical support within a very short time

CSB Bearings France offers

  • A large range of products of self-lubricating sliding bearings
  • Product and management quality validated by its TÜV ISO9001, TS/ISO16949 and ISO 14001 certifications
  • Local technical support
  • Logistical support
  • Assistant for your development using our vast knowledge on bearings and their applications
  • Technical support in close contact with CSB China R&D department to bring you the most innovative solutions

CSB Bearings France offers standard or specific products

  • Cylindrical or flange bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Spherical bearings
  • Sliding plates
  • Specific custom product