Bi-metallic welded flange bearings

CSB sliding bearings are used in this area of construction machinery, at the level of the articulation of booms, arms, cylinders, track rollers, stabilizers, etc.

The CSB-800, CSB-20, CSB-200, CSB-CR sliding bearings have a good place in the articulations of jibs, arms, hydraulic cylinders,…

CSB developed a range of bi-metallic welded flange bearings type MJF-800, especially for the heavy construction machines. The applications are track rollers, idle rollers and carrier rollers.

By month, more than 300 000 bearings are supplied by CSB to the world top undercarriage parts manufacturers to be assembled into more than 180 000 units.

To reduce the cost of maintenance, CSB developed the high performance CSB-CR products using without lubricant and without maintenance while having a great capacity and long life time.