CSB Bearings France, sliding bearings

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CSB Bearings France

Manager : Philippe MOUCLIER
3, boulevard Eugène Marie
B.P.111 F-27800 Brionne – France

Phone : +33 232 433 276

Fax : 033 232 471 468

Email : info[@]csb-bearings.fr

Unit of production

CSB Bearing Technologies Co. Ltd
6, Xinda Road, Economic Development Zone
Jiashan Zhejiang Zip Code 314100 – CHINA

CSB Bearings Chine, bureau et unité de production

Unit of sub-assembly production

Zhejiang Changsheng Sliding Bearing Co.,Ltd – CHINA

CSB Bearings China

Unit of thermoplastic and composite production

Jiashan CSB-Self-lub Materials co., Ltd – CHINA

CSB Bearings China