Philippe MOUCLIER, Manager of CSB Bearings France, Mechanical engineer, has successively held responsibility positions in the sectors of needle and ball bearings, plain bearings and design /manufacture of automotive production equipments.

Philippe MOUCLIER has over 25 years of experience in the field of bearings and in management.

Thanks to his solid experience, he is know as the bearing specialist in the Automotive and Aeronautic industries as well as in other industrial sectors.

CSB Bearings France offers all the required technical information to your design department in addition to our product documentations. This information gives to your engineers, draftsmen and technicians, the dimensions, resistance, assembly conditions and estimation of the performance of CSB products in your applications.

Thereby, our applications engineers and those in the CSB R&D department of CSB in China are available to carry out a study to determine the most suitable self-lubricating sliding bearings for your applications and to estimate their performance and the life time.

The selection of CSB product will vary depending on the environment of the bearing but also on its dimensions, load, speed, type of movement and assembly conditions.

We suggest the following questionnaire is filled out with a maximum of information before sending it to us.

This information allows us to carry out a quick, complete and accurate study.

Download the questionnaire (PDF)

Materail selection

The CSB self-lubricating sliding bearings are mainly defined for dry conditions.

They can be used with lubricant for applications in dusty environment, at high speed, at boundary lubrication or in the event of frequent stops and starts.

Above, the data sheets provide information on the range of main CSB products used in the industrial sector.

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  • CSB products in Agricultural Machinery – Download
  • CSB products in Handling and Construction Machinery – Download
  • CSB products in Valves and Pumps – Download
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