Since establishing CSB has accumulated a vast experience in material engineering and processes. These knowledges is the key to success in our new hydraulic division.
Our European modeled manufacturing facility is home to some of the highest quality processing and inspection equipment, commonly accepted in the OEM hydraulic industry , allowing CSB to provide an exceptionally high-quality product to our customers.
CSB controls all our manufacturing processes inhouse and with our ability to manufacture raw materials, we can guarantee the highest level of quality at every stage of the process, ensuring a superior end product.

Some of our internal processes include the following:
• Bi-metalic processing for small and large componants medium to high pressure applications.
• Precision hybrid metal forming technologies stamping and cold extrusion.
• Complex high tolerance CSNC detail machinering operations.
• Fine finishing surface operations with exception flat capabilities.
• High resolution optical surface verification certified flat ready for assembly.


High and medium pressure piston pumps and motors
Bearings valve plates.
Saddle bearings.
Retainer straps

Gear pumps and motors
Thrust plates.
Aluminum bearing blocks

Rotary positive-displacement vane pumps
Cylinder blocks
Distribution plates