Paliers lisses panneaux solaires

CSB has the knowledge to develop and supplies self-lubricating sliding bearings for the hydraulic applications as :

  • Hydraulic Turbines
  • Francis and Pump, wicket gates, regulating rings servomotors, swivel arms,…
  • Kaplan, : guide vanes, running blades, main shafts
  • Bulbe : guide vanes, running blades
  • Pelton : needle nozzles, defector
  • Regulations valves
  • Wagon valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Ball valves
  • Rotary and linear screens…

Our range CSB-50, CSB-850, CSB-CR… meet demand of Oil & Gaz applications :

  • Offshore mooring risers : universal joint of connection, pulleys, pinions of racke
  • Offshore vessels : FPSO turrets, anchoring, winches, cranes, hose reel,…
  • Reducer of drill head
  • Crank balanced units : center, equalizer, crank pin bearings,…

We have the capacity to satisfy the requests of our customers proposing a support of their development in the Wind Powers for the nacelle : blade bearings, Yaw bearings, gear boxes, brake,…

In the Solar Power segment, our spherical bearings and bushing are used in the movable panel, of solar fields.

We have a range of products and materials responding to the strict conditions of Nuclear Powers : bearings for high temperature and radiations.

Palier lisse énergies
Palier lisse énergies