Agricultural and forestry machines

The performance of CSB bearings has the advantage of minimizing maintenance frequencies and lubricant consumption as well as improving working conditions by reducing difficult maintenance of the machine. Even when there is a shortage of grease, CSB self-lubricating bearings can make machine operation stable due to their excellent frictional resistance, providing an economical solution to mechanical operations.

The agricultural and forestry equipment being more and more sophisticated and requesting an optimal performance, the R&D department of CSB developed its products with the partnership of these customers.

Our sliding bearings CSB-800, CSB-CR, CSB-20 have an important position in this segment, they are used in the tractors in the transmission and for example rear elevators, pedals, hydraulic cylinders. We can find our product on :

  • Ploughs : frame assembly, linkage, wheel articulation
  • Sowers
  • Front loader
  • Fail mower
  • Sugar beet harvesters
  • Sprayer
  • Combine harvesters
  • Round balers
  • Water spray systems.