Paliers lisses équipements de manutention

CSB self-lubricated bearings are designed to service the most demanding heavy duty applications. CSB bearings resist impact, operate in dusty dry conditions and reduce costly and time consuming lubrication maintenance. Applications within mining, forestation, earth moving, sewage treatment, cranes, elevators and heavy machinery are suitable candidates for CSB Bearings.

The CSB sliding bearings are an advanced performance in the handling equipment, they have a high capacity and are free maintenance responding to dynamic and static loads, they have a good performance in dust environment and are weather resistant.

To limit the maintenance, the CSB sliding bearings range CSB-CR and CSB-EPB are used in dry condition, i.e. without added lubricant.

We can find our products on the fork lift and pallet trucks, rough-terrain handling equipment, access platforms, prehension arms for trucks, lorry cranes, lifting tailgate, hydraulic ramps for car garages, scissors lift tables, conveyors, manipulators, chains, Towbarless aircraft tractors, port and airport handling equipment,  concrete pumps,…

Our sliding bearings are used in :

  • Linkages
  • Crank assemblies
  • Connecting rods
  • Steering assemblies
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hinges
  • Pedals
  • Slideways
  • Articulated connetions
  • Pivot points
  • Suspensions
paliers lisses pour équipements de manutention
Paliers lisses pour équipements de manutention, CSB Bearings France