Paliers lisses autolubrifiants pour la sidérurgies

The performance of CSB sliding bearings has the advantage of minimizing maintenance frequency n high temperature and dusty environments. CSB self-lubricating bearings can make machine operation stable with their excellent frictional resistance, providing an economical solution to mechanical operations.

Our self-lubricating sliding bearings are performant in dust environment and high temperatures asking to the requirements of our customers and where the maintenance is difficult or impossible.

We find them throughout the process of steel production : blast furnaces, converters, electric arc furnace, refining stands, continuous castings, rolling mills, coilers,…

The self-lubricating sliding bearings the most used are le range CSB-650, their metallic structure are composed of solid lubricant (graphite, PTFE, …) uniformly arranged in the bronze matrix, the CSB-850 range have a self-lubricating sliding surface of bronze/graphite.

The CSB products are performant with the understanding to reduce the cost of maintenance.

Some examples of possible applications of sliding bearings in the steel industry :

  • Guides of drilling machine for tap hole of blast furnaces
  • Bearings of trolleys for loading of coke
  • Bearings and pivots of ladle railway carriages
  • Gas separators (seal applications)
  • Ladle hanger of converters
  • Electrodes guides of EAF (furnaces)
  • Revolving cap turret of continuous castings
  • Spherical bearings of Link pins for servo-jack of continuous castings
  • Rotary nozzle gates of continuous castings
  • Guides of ladle turrets lifting of continuous castings
  • Bearings of ladle turret swivels of continuous castings
  • Driver rolls of continuous castings
  • Tundish adjusted device of continuous castings
  • Extension of hot strip of rolling mills
  • Hydraulic cylinders (scew down) of hot rolling mills
  • Slipper plates of back up rolls for regrinding of hot rolling mills
  • Segment guides of mandrels of coilers
  • Bearings of mandrel for guides of coiler racks
  • Belts winders of coilers
  • Coils tilting chairs of coiler
  • Bearings of rollers of coiling beds

Some examples of possible applications of sliding bearings in the aluminium industry :

  • Sliding plates of guide rails of shoes for reheat pusher furnaces
  • Guide separate adjusting wedges of cold plate levellers
  • Guidance of upper rolls for decoke of pickled line
  • Transfer of hot tubes for quenching statione
  • Unit of press guides ways for reduction of slads
  • Guide of rails treatment lines
  • Bearings of clamps for crane scissors
Palier lisse autolubrifiants pour la sidérurgie
Palier lisse autolubrifiants pour la sidérurgie