Our bearings CSB-85HB, CSB-85HF, CSB-85HN are a family of high performance running in dry condition. Produced respectively from base bronze, iron and nickel, they are manufactured using advanced power metallurgy technology and are composed of a metal matrix and solid lubricant as graphite, Mos2 or PTFE.

Properties :

  • Using in dry condition without added lubricant type oil or grease
  • Maintenance free
  • High static and dynamic load capacities
  • Can be used in a large range of temperature of -200°C to +600°C dependent on alloy of bronze, iron or nickel
  • Don’t pollute in comparison with the powder sintered bearings oil impregnated
  • Respect the environment
  • Without water absorption
  • Machinable
  • Large range of alloys by adjusting the type and volume of solid lubricant to accommodate at the temperature, at the problem of corrosion and pollution.

The CSB-85HF bearings by the presence of oil at 15% have the particularity to accept superior sliding speeds while having high load capacities. The structure of CSB-85HFH is monolayer, CSB-85HFS is composed of steel backing and a sliding layer similar at the CSB-85HFH and it’s cheaper.

The CSB-85 can manufactured in a range of cylindrical and flange bearings, thrust washers, blocks, plates,…

You find them in the applications where the pollution is forbidden like beverage and food industries: exclude contaminant lubricant type oil or grease, in agricultural sector: no pollution during the painting equipment,…

They are used where the temperature is very high as the steel industry and aluminium production, for example sliding plates of guide rails of shoes for reheat pusher furnaces, grippers, bearings of trolleys for loading of coke.

You find the properties and characteristics in the section « Products/Metallic sliding bearings/Massive plain bearings ».