Our CSB-CR plain bearings have more and more place in sectors of handling equipment, Oil & Gas, shipbuilding, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic turbines,…

The advantages :

  • Dry condition i.e. without oil or grease lubricants to reduce the maintenance costs and design, no hole for grease, nipple or central lubrication system. They belong there where a greasing is difficult or impossible
  • High capacity, great shock resistance
  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • No moisture absorption in freshwater and sea water
  • Low noise running and low stick slip
  • Suited in oscillating movement even very low or in high frequency while having  an exceptional tribology performance
  • CSB-CRF is machinable in state to insure a better precision of movement
  • Respect the environment (RoHS)

Our range :

  • CSB-CRG, the most performant in capacity of dynamic load and relative high sliding speed. Used in application on construction machinery as excavators, loaders, … rear elevators of agricultural tractors,…
  • CSB-CRB the standard, used mainly in handling equipment, as scissor lift, connecting rod of forklift trucks or pallet trucks, hydraulic cylindersn valves,…
  • CSB-CRP the strongest performer for high speed for cut-off valves
  • CSB-CRF the most cheaper but with lower capacity and less of sliding speed

Our CSB-CR self-lubricating plain bearings are available in the form cylindrical bearings and under request thrust washers and plates. You find the properties and characteristics in the section “Products/Polymer sliding bearings/Filament wound plastic self-lubricating bearings”.